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Learn to control your mood swings and have fun. Avoid being arrogant or dominating in conversations and interactions. Learn to become more self-aware in order to boost the positivity you are capable of showing others. I also recommend you pick up your FREE copy of the Leo hypnosis audio — It's an amazing free resource that can specifically help your star sign! Virgo can be a lot more judgmental than any of the other signs and they may be secretly judging you. They are also perfectionists, and along with judging others, this combination can be quite harsh.

Learn to embrace your more optimistic side! Remember, no one is perfect and that expectation can lead to an abundance of negativity. It normally takes them quite a long time to make a decision and this is because they often think of every possibility before they decide. They are also the type of people who will take their time with their appearance, despite possibly making themselves late, due to their love of all things beauty. Do not let opportunities fly by due to your indecisive nature. Learn to rely on, and trust, your intuition to help you make decisions.

They never forget when someone has wronged them, and are even less likely to forgive you. They can over-react when they are hurt, and often have a very bad temper. Once they are feeling down, it can be very hard for them to come out of their temper. It's worth learning how to control your emotions if you are a Scorpio sign. Confidence can easily turn into egotistical; honesty can transform into apparent rudeness. When you feel your emotions getting out of control, do a simple breathing exercise to balance your emotions and calm your mind.

It is also important to forgive others — not for them, but so that you can move on. This can sometimes seem tactless. Some people may see Sagittarius as rude or offensive, and this is because they sometimes struggle with social etiquette, which can make them come across in a negative way.

Slow down! Your risk taking and fast-paced lifestyle are often envied but it is worth finding a hobby, career or life partner who can continuously challenge you and keep your interest. Also be careful in what you say and how you say it. You may mean well, but bravely acknowledge you aren't always the most diplomatic friend. They much prefer controlling and organizing everything. They can also use others for their own gain, which can cause upset in some of their friendships.

Capricorn's also love gossip and chatting about their bad day, often exaggerating on their own negativity. You are changing and your daily life is simply following along, that's all. Instead of dragging on with something old, tired, and worn out, why not consider starting something new? If you refuse to give up on something that you know is doomed to fail, you will be in for a long frustrating road ahead of you.

You will find that this is especially true of anything involving music, beauty, creativity, and the arts. Redirect your energy towards something new and more promising. Watch for feelings of inferiority. It's possible that you live in an area where your neighbors are overly judgmental, and base their opinions of you on how well you fit the mold. The truth is that nobody fits the mold, and that nearly everyone is caught up in the game of trying to fit in. Everyone is insecure and the ones that buy into these feelings enough to change their lives are the least happy.

An interview over the course of the next week could prove to be incredibly successful. Love: On Sunday, the Full Moon in Aries will urge you to review and reflect on the state of your relationship. Follow your heart! Avoid being too controlling at the start of the month! Relaxing your grip can only be a good thing, so watch as your partner grows happier and more confident as a result. How to delay putting the heating on at home. Very moody. Vindictive and nosy.

The one I know best is so selfish, vindictive that she doesn't care who's life she ruins while in the process of getting what she wants. Wants two men at one time, expecting both to remain while she decides, but they better not find another woman while the libra is deciding. Their kids are not allowed to love anyone but her, the mother. If they do they will learn to regret it. She buys and bribes people with any means. A lawyer once made a circle of names with a dot in the center.

Asked us who we thought the dot was, we shrugged, he then told us it was the very libra I am talking about. He said she has to always be the center of attention, will continue to create major drama until she gets what she wants. Finally, to our regret, years later we gave up and let the kids go since she was ruining our and their lives in the process of her severe selfishness. She finally left us alone and we did not see the kids until they became adults, many years later. Kids now tell us that Mom uses people for money, and gets in an uproar out of the blue. She also cries at the drop of a hat.

Very childlike. When in discussion about this libra others who think they know her well will defend her and say she is gracious and unselfish. They can't believe us about her. She is a great charmer, but to only win someone over enough to get info from them, info that she can use against others eventually. Like she has some sort of ledger in her head. The other libra I know, is charming also. But charming when she wants info from us. Nosy and users of others' lives. These libras gossip in such a way that so many don't consider them as gossipers.

My experience with libras is dark. Just my experiences of libras I know. As a matter of fact, I won't let myself around these libras because they do charm well and I now see charmers as nothing but a sticky web, don't get too close. I am a libra and this doesn't describe me. I pride myself on being truthful beyond anything. That is the only way you can truly be loyal.

I DO think everyone else has a brain and feelings. I am almost offended by this "even the best libras do not think you have feelings or a brain". I would also like to remind everyone that this isn't a "meltdown" I am having a reasonable opinion. If I screw up I own up. I apologize and we move on. You don't know that and everyone is individual. Yes I do throw tantrums and become manipulative but only when I am wronged and taken advantage of for a long time. My behavior is actually a slight reflection of yours.

Off course, I am not going to vent on strangers when I am wronged by a close one as it will not be justified. Nor I will treat my closed ones badly if I had a bad day. Yes I can be dark by being extremely lazy and indecisive but everyone has got a dark side. I love, appreciate, care and support all those close ones who accept and love me for who I am. I also appreciate the creativity of this author by portraying Libra's negative image since I was really bored of those charming and peaceful stories about Libras As someone that has done a lot of astrology reading I can admit I know some of these traits can be very true of a libra.

I have to say you have gone out of your way to taint this sign more so than they deserve and more so than your other dark side write ups. I must agree with fellow commentors that your distaste for this sign is merely a reflection of your own negativity and distorted observations. You look and sound evil and very quite bitter. If your not a "capricunt" you have the face and attitude for one. I'm a libra. And I know there's a dark side but I'm not a dark person.

However I met a libra and she's like me but diffrent. The shadows are her home! This describes her to a T. I couldn't wrap my head around it because I'm not like that. This helped. This is very true about Libras. Don't let their "niceness" fool you. I have a Libra "friend" that I grew up with and I thought she was the nicest person but now I realize how untrue that is. She is conniving, manipulative and a backstabber. She uses people and shes a know it all. I used to call her a best friend but she is far from it. Shes ugly on the inside and on the outside and she's vain for no reason.

I am supposed to get along with this sign but it is the one I like the least. I get along with Virgos and Scorpios just fine. I am pretty sure there are killers of all signs I can agree with some of the second parts of statements: e. Of course I'm born in October haha I happen to be controlling indeed toward those who get closer to me; in the work-social arena And sometimes I just make fun of people- for instance if they make racist comments and I'm just having a beer on Sunday night, instead of punching them in the face I get this attitude of smiling from ear to ear, looking them straight in the eye and and making them feel like shit.

But then again, it's for a good cause? I'm a Libra with lots of planets in Scorpio. This article was accurate about "some" of my dark traits.

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This just says a lot. Every astrology reading sugarcoats signs like Libra so it must be that shocking for you. There are bad people, no matter which sign they are, and your sign is not inmune to that evilness. Yeah I do see these traits in myself I just find it happens when I'm being too nice or something and I always seem to attract the wrong people Im working on how to tell which person I should be friends with and people just taking advantage of me As you know im a libra and have a pretty hard time saying no I think all libras have a dark side to balance out being kind, caring, and considerate One day includes both sun and moon rising and setting, to be complete.

This was an interesting read. I'm a Libra Sun with a Libra Ascendant. I'm going to be very honest, I was pretty ruthless with my ex wife, especially in the latter part of our marriage. Here's why. I was married to a Virgo woman, one who heavily did the virgo thing which is pessimistically driven to chastise and be judgmental to the end.

I know that sounds brash, and probably just as bad as how Librans have been painted on here, but there is a very specific driving force as to why I acted the way that I did, and it's because of how how she treated my children. I've been blessed with a moon in Leo, for all of those with Leo in their charts, you know that means firey devotion on a different scale.

For me, it was to my defend my kids and anytime she went past the line of reason in punishing them, I was right there to invoke the one thing Librans are good at, utilizing and that is our rather sharp tongue. They say Librans hate conflict and that we shy away from them, that's what others see, but what they don't realize is that we're fighting not to open our mouths out of psychologically, emotionally and spiritually dismantling you on the spot. There is a reason why they say Librans make good judges, its because we are able to take every situation or event and tear it down to it's nuts and bolts to see what's really within.

We don't use emotions to figure things out, we don't use tactile sensory to figure things out, it's about all that is mental and the air signs are especially built for this. The Native American totem of the Libran time frame is the Raven. They said that the raven people were feared in the tribes because they always new what was going on without hearing a word, they always knew. We work from the shadows, you'd figure that would be a Scorpio thing being ruled by Pluto, but despite being ruled by Venus, our hermit like needs tend to make us more powerful in our endeavors when we are in solitude to let our mental powers loose.

By the way, those of you who had Libran parents that treated you like garbage, what's your sign? My children I mentioned earlier just so happen to be a gemini girl and a sagittarian boy.

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They will never make her needs for materialistic stability happy, nor her emotional driven self to be happy. Like a few here said earlier, there's more to the picture about the signs, you have to look at the sum total of your chart. One Libran is not going to be the same as the other. One of my best friends is a Libra with a moon in Pisces. So don't take the general layout of the Libra to heart, it's only one sliver of what variations there can be about the Libra. I'm super proud to be one.

I'm a Libran and I all I care about is love. I love so deeply and I treat my man like he's a god hoping to get that amount of attention in return but it never happens. I've been in two long relationships with Aquarius and Gemini , they are supposed to be the best compatible signs with libra but not in my case , they care too much about their parents and careers more than the woman they love. I don't care about anything when I'm happily in love.

I ignore my family my friends and my work. I do whatever makes my lover happy just to keep the harmony and passion between us. That's my fuel. But now I discovered that I gave everything to the wrong people. My family and friends are being very supportive while my lover soon to be my ex is just busy with his new job. And I don't want to become a mother after all I read here , It's a big responsibility that I can't handle I'm very fragile and need someone to constantly take care of me.

I'm 28 years old , born on September 27 and I wish I can hear stories of girls who share the same birthday with me as I need some answers. I want to know what's going wrong because I'm doing all the right things but all I'm getting is disappointment. Freaking true to the core. Did not tap out because I do not believe in giving up easily in love. Or so I thought. Boy was I so wrong and regretted holding on for so long. Thank God doctors brought me back alive.

Everyday, physical pain reminds me of how manipulative, hypocritical, cynical and deceptive she can be. And to think I still stood by her EVEN when I was admitted and discharged till her demented form comes devouring me inside out again!!! I was a fool sheltering her from all her accusers but they were actually right all along. I was a big fool. Curse you Libra for messing men's life everywhere you go. You should have gone to the shrink when he asked you to!

I'm a libra myself. But damn I've definitely never seen an article talking so badly about us Librans! People should understand that not every Libran is the same. They may share common general characteristics but that's it. All that's left like the bad traits mentioned above which seemed to me like traits of a dangerous personality disorder is formed depending on countless variables the way one was raised, experiences etc..

In fact the way one reacts to whatever angers them is much more beyond a zodiac sign. Reactions are learned through experience and habit, you are not born with a certain way of reacting due to a zodiac sign. This article is way too shallow for the most part. And I do know many people who fit this above profile but are not Librans and also not related to Libra in general.

It is overly exaggerated. So now every Libran is a bad parent? Mother, father, uncle whatever.. There are many bad parents and abusers, even family murderers with different zodiac signs. And what's described in the article is more like a personality disorder, rather than a dark side. Seems to be written by someone who had a bad experience with a Libran and conluded that all Librans are like that one scumbag they once knew..

Shewolf, it is painful for all when people don't understand us. Often, the question "Why? People themselves don't know what drives them. But when others give you guff, you can be sure the problem is about them, not you. It is build up frustration, anger and pain, because you once were nice, and understood and accepted ppl by the way they are, but we seem to have to mold, like we aren't good enough Well, I that feel that my negative side is taking over at the moment, don't really enjoy it, I'm not in peace, I cry when I'm alone, think that I just wanna die, it's like I'm out of place All I wanted was ppl to accept me the way I accept ppl by the way they are, and for example stop wondering if what I say to a 3rd person upsets my partner, etc Maybe, some ppl here commenting on bad libras, we aren't perfect we're humans, and we libras look for balance apologies for wrong methods to achieve such , but maybe try to find the reason behind such behaviour and maybe you can help We aren't that stubborn!

My mom is one and i was in love with one. Im a gemini. Chastity, this article is solely about Libra's dark side. Like every other sign they have a bright side, but that's not the subject of this article. They have a bright side as well, and many good traits. Libra is often misunderstood and seen as the villian because they are too themselves. Whoever wrote this Something darker? Mother problems?

Who knows. Some people agreeing with this in its whole has proven they know and strongly dislike a certain libra in their life, and have no reason to disagree because of the obvious pain THAT negative libra has caused. I don't particularly like this post but that's because it just doesn't fit me personally. But I can agree when there's a negative personality and it's fixated on the sign some ppl are going to agree. I am a Libra male and lately I have been feeling disconnected from myself sign.

Mostly because most things I read about Libras don't feel like they connect with me. Most things are always flowery in tone. I searched out an article like this to better understand myself. I am a only child also raised by a Libra mother. So to say my ability to maintain connection is fucked is putting it mildly.

It sux to say but all these dark traits are traits I have observed in myself to some degree some more than others and I feel it growing. Things seem to be falling apart around me. Irritability is the worst part I hate about myself. I have zero desires to be a negative libra but honestly don't how to turn it around or even if I can. The constellation Libra contains stars that belonged to Scorpio until astronomers not astrologers!

Lolz, I think your Sun might be among those Scorpio stars. I'm a virgo male and married a female libra. While we were dating i let her know about my one true longtime best friend which was my first ex gemini from high school yrs different schools. We were close like family and talked a lot on the phone and only during work hours my choice after we started dating in We have been doing that since to we did hookup a few times before none since then no longer felt right. Godfather to her daughter and son her parents never had. Met my wife in early We talked on the work phone but never in person till and just to show her the engagement ring and never since.

My wife told me how she was teased a lot coming up and I was did all I could to show her how much I loved her. Well long story longer I could not invited my best friend and family to my own wedding I'm hurt didn't phase her. I found out later they talked on the phone after my wife told me. My wife had even made a threat to her so while all this was happening behind my back, bad blood was gushing between guess who? Bingo my libra wife and my libra wife. My friend never said a single word ever.

She wanted me to turn on my friend and hurt her, did didn't fly with me I'm grown and 3yrs older. I let her Stew in her own poop made it worst. She invited my best friend over to the house for a business presentation but did admit it was no good purpose. The cat she got for us 1month before she moved in liked me more than her so we got 1 more so they could play together that failed dead cat. Grow up wife. What ever happened in her head destroyed her.

She took the kids and tried to move into a shelter and she didn't even know why. Libra females are lost of words.

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She doesn't have money or a job with 3 kids luckily I still support my kids and back to her parents house. She thinks I walked out on her? What The. One of them that you should really fear about my dark side are my games that I put you in you are my pawn and will always be until I get my revenge or I hear an apology if not you'll never be out of my loop until you're gone or I am.

If you cross my line you're already in the game of life or death for me. Warning signs. I will never approach you or talk to you because I already gotten more than a 1k people that you know and I know on my side. So good luck living. Yes I do get angry and yes I get angry a lot sometimes. It all depends on what you do and what you don't do also my mood. When I get angry I yell and scream but if it gets worst I start getting physical and it's scary.

I once got angry at one of my siblings and I zoned out while I was close to their neck to chock them. I didn't thank god my parents were there to snap me out of it. Yes I am extremely lazy bit I am actually thinking of ways to understand some concepts an etc. In my head and finding out how my mind games are going in my head. Some of you seem quite bitter and let your insecurities show by bashing Libras. I think the problem is that you were too selfish and judgemental instead of taking the time and making a genuine effort to get to know and understand a Libra better, you chose to ASSume, criticize, demean, and judge someone you never really got to know.

Most Libras are quick to put a wall up to protect themselves from insecure, jealous, judgemental, negative, condescending people who attack them. I much rather have Libra friends, lovers, co-workers, or acquaintances than any other sign. Although I do see some parts of the negative traits, for me personally, I think some of these listed seem exaggerated to highlight the most negative Libras out there.

I was a bit indecisive in my younger younger years. I will admit that. But, because I get impatient and irritated at other people's indecisiveness, I learned to make quick decisions and move on. After more than four decades, I have realized that II much more prefer the company and friendship of other fellow Librans. And just reading some of the negative opinions and attacks on Libras by others here, it just reaffirms my choice.

I avoid confrontations and drama if at all possible. I strongly dislike negativity and conflict. I am loyal and very protective of my friends and loved ones. I try to always be fair and give everyone a fair chance. Unfortunately, some people are selfish, insensitive, and don't know how to value a sincere person like myself.

When that happens, I've learned to respect myself and just move on. Friendship and respect are a two-way street. I highly value: integrity, loyalty, honesty, and friendship. It seems not every one is on the same page though.


That only helps to make it clear that those people are not compatible and I don't want them in my life. I swear I'm making a note objective after years of analysis and hearing the testimonies of many people. Libra is a sign that exploits the very positive stereotype given to them in many articles, but and a big but. This is not true! They are the most hypocritical people, will never hear the truth from them. They are popular works as well and everything that motivates them is to please themselves under the guise of providing the other.

They are manipulators, competitive sickeningly beneath the surface,.

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Their status is important to them before everything, even before their family, they are treacherous and chasing sickly, dressing up as those who are fans so they do not have their own character, for them there is nothing to admire a man who slept with many girls, not considered to be a man, not cool - This is the person they imitate every day and every day until they meet someone greater than him in this field is very shallow, and thus inherently boring dressing up as other people, are subject in any depth,.

Are looking for the meaning of life, the chronically lazy and manipulate the environment to work for them. But the best thing I sickening Libra is that they always find a patsy to do their dirty work, who come out worst in their name but unconsciously. I'm Aquarius and many followed after constellations Libra and always pretended I did not notice, but they are so careful people!

I find this article very interesting. I'm a Libra, too. Every sign has its positive and negative qualities. The tough part is to stare in the mirror at your own soul and evaluate where growth is needed and where your shadow side is prevailing. I can be controlling, passive-aggressive, late, insensitive, and then I alternate between being detached and clingy.

Let me tell you, it's hard to see your own pattern on behaviors and I'm just beginning to see mine. To the folks on here who have had abusive parents, my heart goes out to you. Rather than concentrate on the abuser and their sun sign, what can you do to heal? Perhaps even forgive? Because the odds are likely that these people were abused too, as children, but other sun-signs. And they were abused children, too. I've been abused by a Scorpio, Virgo, and Sag. You know what sun sign I became the most bitter towards?

An Aries, who absolutely did a number on me and broke my heart. Remember, our sun sign is merely one aspect of our natal chart and we as souls also have malleable egos that undergo change through our upbringing and experiences. My last girlfriend was a libra, she was just like that. She say yes to you but did what she wanted at the end behind my back.

She was an escort I realized. She was her entire life and she used her charm and quiet to put everybody in trouble. When I confronted her she used to say: I do not know, I do not know. Shaking her head. Never answered for anything, always playing the victim and running away to find out she just went to get drunk and laid until next day. Virgo here. This story here may not be in order because I have so much to talk about. I have been with a libra woman for five years. It was right after my divorce. She had a kid that was 2 and mine was also 2.

At the very beginning this gurl treated me like I was her world and I treated her like she was my queen. Then I start noticing that she wants to control everything around me. Even comes in between my child and his mother. She did not want me to get along with her. So I told her that us bringing this issue between us is not healthy. I thought I had taking care of that but I didn't.

She was married once and have a 15yr old daughter. Before she met me. She left her with the ex husband claiming that she wanted a better life and career. Then with her job, she moves from state to states dating around people. Then she met another dude while she was having an affair with a married man then got pregnant by the new guy.

The new guy went out and cheated on her with tones of women and the wife of the husband had also found out about the affair. Then she moved to another state where we met. She never told me about her had an affair, she claimed that the guy never told her that he was married. Then out of no where one day, the wife messaged me then that's when I put the whole story together in my head.

Asked her about it, she denied it. Anyways, I can never communicate any issues with her. She is always blaming me or saying it's my fault. She never care for her sons school activities. She has anyone or anybody babysitting him. I feel so sorry for the kid. She always wanted to spend money that we don't have then complaining that I need to work more or she needs to work more.