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Chemistry-wise, my best matches have been other water signs. Scorpio and Cancer, but long-term? Too many games and push-you-pull-me. Taureans and Capricorns aren't as emotionally exciting as water signs, but their earth energy is great for long-term stability. Scorpio and Leo. I hate Pisces. Everybody is saying Capricorn My mom is a Pisces and my dad is a Capricorn. I honestly don't know how the fuck they are still married. I am Pisces and I always seem to fall hard for Cancerian guys. I guess because we are both emotional and water signs but I find Cancerian men to be dishonest and not straightforward.

I think we as Pisces needs balance and I think Capricorns is that normal stable balance. I am quite a generous person in nature and I find that Cancerians can be either be really tight or little bit generous but not as generous as me and also Cancerian men always like a clean and neat house. Thanks x 6. Feb 28, My best relationship were with a Libra, Taurus, and Scorpio. I'm Pisces and have been with a Leo for years.

I think we balance each other out well. It works.. My rising is Leo so that could be why too. Thanks x 1. I think Taurus is good or mostly a sign that will bring grounding to your life. As for a person, you need to look a person who has traits you admire. Pisces folks tend to slowly morph into the person they are with so choose someone with qualities you love and who will love you but guide you into calm, spiritually aware waters. To be honest, it's better if you're with someone who loves you a little bit more than you love them. Thanks x 9. Feb 10, My smoothest dates have been with Capricorn, Taurus and Gemini.

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I would only recommend other water signs or maybe an earth sign. I generally think all signs are best with their own element or complementary elements, i. Water and Earth, Fire and Air. That's not to suggest it wouldn't work but I bet there'll be some influence of the same element or complementary element that's making the relationship easier to maintain if the partner's Zodiac is an odd match.

Sag don't want no lazy arse, manipulative, no personal accountability having, woe is me alcoholic arse Pisces. Can you give me some advices. And i knew this guy online could you please give me some advice just to know how you two clicked? I mean what subject did you talked about and stuff?. PS: you can read my comment in the comments section to understand better what i wanted to say. Aquarius man here. Both had started intensely, with amazing sexual chemistry. Unfortunately, Pisces are a very insecure bunch in my experience : self doubt always leads them to mistrust, play games and most frustrating for Aquarians, refuse to talk openly about issues, however big or small they might be.

Since ur an Aquarius, do you not communicate well. What is your rising sign? Im a pisces lol! I love being alone i have a great job i go to school and i have two children who still live with me. I go to the movies museums, zoos alone sometimes i drag my kids with me. I just met an aquarius online today and I find him fascinating, So if he is the kind of man who needs space then i think he will be perfect for me. I meet an Aquarius man on-line. I love him. I feel like he was made just for me. If I get pissed off he tries anything to make me laugh again and tries for me to gain my trust. I get so lost in love and I have to learn how trust him and let him be free.

I will be moving in with him soon. I had a failed marriage of 18 years and I have learned from your mistakes. I can only pray that we are meant to be together. So far I completely love his attitude. And I just try to calm him down. He says I keep him grounded. That is awesome! Best of luck to you two. I also met my Aquarius man online. I am a Pisces and i love freedom,society,friends.. My first Aqua Men i had was the only relationship i really feel we love eachother…he was a kisser,hugger,cuddler….. I met my Aquarius online, surprisingly, and here we are almost a year later.

He is absolutely all I think about.. Years ago if you told me I would have to wait on a man I would tell you that you are crazy, but now I could have it no other way. We argue over things here and there but overall this relationship is perfect and I truly believe he is my soulmate. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Me and my Aquarius husband are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in July. To the ones of lost love, if you can see past your differences and accept each other for who they are, this is your true love.

We are blessed. Hi Mia. How do you work on your differences? It is really hard right? It is so frustrating. As a Pisces woman in a past relationship with an Aquarius man, I can say this is fairly accurate. When things were going well it was fantasy came to life. It was an experience I definitely will never forget. We never had much problem or conflict until towards the end when things got honest and began to flare out. Although I believe we still love each other, we lacked in areas we needed.

He lacked in giving me the emotional support when I needed him most. I lacked in allowing him to experience and have the freedom he craves. We no longer communicate but he still crosses my mind almost everyday. Being the Aquarius man he is of course he dating someone else now always up to new adventures. Sometimes I hope our souls will cross again because he might just be the love of my life. ForuForu Chris, you have described the relationship I had with my aquarius man. He spoke of me the way you so eloquently have expressed. We had a very challenging relationship but I feel that we will love each other for the rest of our lives, even though our lives may be spent apart.

I had been devastated at the several pleas for emotional support, but I forgave time after time because I truly believed he meant it when he told me I was his soulmate and the only woman he could ever love. At times he oftwn chose a night out with friends over being my rock like he had been capable of being just a week before. I will forever love my aquaries man and wonder if one day our souls will find each other again. I hope that one day you find your pisces heart again, or that you are capable of loving another just as much. It is a tragedy but a beautiful experience to have loved someone like the breath of air.

ForuForu Your story made me cry. I hope you gonna get back together. I would love to hear that. Well, this has been a great read. I am an aquarius man currently in a wonderful relationship with a Pisces queen. I can say that all accounts of the aquarius man a mostly spot on.

However, I have noticed the one element missing here, faith. I have always said that when a woman that is truly of equal yoke that she would be the one to quell my crazy aquarius ways. Boy I never knew how right my Savior was. She is exactly what I needed in my life. We pray together and conversation just flows so easily. We have both made a decision to abstain from sex. I know, sounds crazy but it is the best thing that has happened to me.

The greatest gift she will give me is herself when I decide to make her mine and only mine in marriage. I am wildly attracted to her for her. We are such kindred spirits. Stay tuned for future updates. HI I just met an aquarius man I am a pisces. I am so excited he makes me feel things Ive never felt. He has one of the most beautiful souls of any man i have ever had the pleasure of talking with.


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If he is anything like you then i am in for a real experience. I hope you ask for her hand in marriage. I have been seperated for 5 years and except for sleazy one night stands have lived alone. The Scorpio woman I was with was very clingy but we both had addiction issues which lead to. Sober now a year and a half…life is truly great. Anyways, I am a very loyal person and the way we brokeup. As a result. I am 3 times more emotionally. So, this Pisces lady at work. I am reserved quiet, choose my words varefully, very helpfull, upright in conduct and firm in my.

I dont talk bad about. However, I am taken back by her charm, very friendly, passionate nature big heart and ability to see things differently. Shes coming. She seems so genuine I love here femeninity and delicate ways. She could teach me do much. Its been a long time since a woman has arpused curiosity in me. But when I think. Living alone is not bad. I think. I dont know. Who knowd. I know initially. I could see being eith her would really help me grow as a person. Shell have to make more agressive moves though. Im not going to. I only ask because I am an aquarius with a similar situation.

This article is generally true. But the she was 10 years older than me, and I was pretty honest about not being serious about things because of that fact. But she became very emotionally attached, and without thinking twice I stopped texting her, and calling her. I feel bad about it now, especially after reading all of these Pisces women comments on how badly it hurts them when Aquarians become absent.

So, Sonja, if your reading this right now, I will say, yes, I was totally into you, even though I never said it. You are awesome, but the age gap was too much for me. You can find someone better, aquarians are crazy, you know that, find someone who is stronger emotionally, who will empathize with you. And I will look for a women who is patient with my detachment.

During my first year of college, I met the love of my life; a pisces woman whose soft demeanor attracted me to her with such powerful force. Having been a young aquarias man, I had no idea that she would be the only women I could not spend my life without. Fast forward a few laters and now I know that she is soulmate.

We broke-up at the end of our freshman year and I have never seen her since. In the months following our breakup, I realized that my stubborn independent aquarian spirit prevented me from being with her.

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We live hundreds of miles apart and two very different lifestyles. During our relationship I neglected her genuine heart. Instead of being with her most nights and holding her, I was out enjoying my independence. I was focused on matters other than those of her heart. I came and went as the flighty aquarius man does. Being that she was in tune with her emotional needs, I would sometimes hear her cry for love as irrational immaturity. What I would give to hear her cry now and hold her through it. Although the absence of her pices spirit has left a hole in my life, I appreciate her and love her more than I will ever know.

This is very true. The exception to this in my relationship is that my Aquarius man has an addiction that prevents his natural charactistics from naturally flowing. Just when everything is rosey, his anger overtakes him and he can crumble down all emotional solidarity that has been built up. Okaay well i was recently with an aquarius male for 8 months whichh we just broke up on may! And we hhave been ooff and on for like eight years but know he has a girlfriend but we still mess around… Idk what to do. I love him and we have history but idk. Please give me feed back!! I am dating an aquarius guy nd like the chemistry is there but only of platonic friends but as lovers..

Being a psychic piscean, idk.. Help me please. I live in Slovakia and he lives in US.

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We communicate on the Internet like fb and skype. We knew each other very short time when we fell in love together. Everything was great and we had amazing conversations. Later, about half a year ago, he became a little distant from me. Of course I try to give him freedom, even on the Internet, but I think the problem is that I am Pisces and Pisces are too emotional compared to Aquarius.

Everything was fine as usual. He even sent me a present for birthday. And almost one month after that he became completely distant. Seems as if he was bored of our converstaions now. He said he needs Real Love. How can I get him back? I read many articles and learned they need someone who they can have really great conversations, someone who understands them, their freedom. Where did I go wrong? We both even moved on and dated other people. Now we are back at the starting line again, we have just picked up where we left off.

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I can understand and sympathize with him to an extent, my break up was far worse then his. Me, being the emotional Pisces, its so hard not to want to see him all the time and call him all the time. We have this bond that just draws us back to each other and each time its stronger. I have to admit that I am more patient and self controlled than previously. I make sure to give him his space and not over step my boundaries. Reading your post has inspired me to not give up on my Aquarius!

We have a normal relationship that has its rough patches, but I could never live without him. We have lived together for about 2 years and faced many of tough obstacles that come up with living together and have done exceedingly well. Review:This is a very accurate article in the behavioral aspects of both the pisces and aquarius personailities and how they behave in the relationship. This relationship has taught me to control my emotions and become stronger as a person and just how supportative and kind someone can be.

I was lucky to find a more emotionally availble aquarius though. I think it was his moon sign traits that really connected us. That being said use your common sense, my love and I set up our friends of the same signs and they remain good friends but their relationship fell apart.

So honestly too much deattachement or clingyness can really make a difference that and everyone is different and an individual. You are probably thinking too much about it. Pay attention to other important things in life including education, health and career. Take up a daily body exercise routine and it will help you. Everything was all good in the begining until he went to prison.

When he was in jail I was writing he sending him money just really being there for him. We did end up breaking up because he sent me a crazy letter and i was pregnant at the time so i took it to heart. Once he got out of jail we got back togther and its been crazy because i got even closer to him and im being to clingy. Its like this Im the one who take care of the bills and he has a problem with that. I dont have a problem with that all i want is for to go out together and he dont want to because he dont have the money. I dont know what to do. We are very far apart bcoz we are both back to college which are in different countries, sometimes he stays quiet when i text though he has clearly shown alot of interest with me.

And he sometimes asks me random questions that are serious, like he is really thinking of dating me. He is soo sweet though i get mad at him when he stays quiet as soon as he starts texting back i 4get what he did because he makes me soo happy. What i need is to know do you guys think he is into me? I need your honest advice please. And how badly I wanted the hell out.. I now understood how he felt.. And missed him even more … Sense than I have started seing him again.. I feel now that we Havanas this space this break.. Now that I knew how it felt I want nothing more than to be able to make him happy..

Give him his space and adore him from a distance lol.. Reading all your comments also gave me a god glimpse of what it was like for him.. And I.. I have and am working on my insecurities that were making me cling and constantly asking him do u love me do u live me.. Tell me you love me lol even writing it sounds annoying!!! So in closing.. I still love my aqua man.. Making him laugh again..

And just loving him the best way I know how: want to spend my life with him.. So I need to not scare him away.. I believe one important thing to remember is.. He will always be like a free horse.. I just have to keep myself occupied more and be happy being alone with myself Instead of stalking him everytime he is busy or out.. And besides! I know he loves me.. I was dating my aquarious man until almost 2 years ago.. Whether that bond is pragmatic enough to sustain a lifetime relationship, however, is open to question.

Deeply Emotional Bond. The Scorpio man adores the Pisces woman. He loves her spiritual depths, her imagination and her willingness to give herself up to her emotions. The Pisces woman, in return, adores the Scorpio man. She is fascinated by his inner power, his charisma and his fearless approach to the deepest of emotions. When it comes to sexual compatibility, the Scorpio man and the Pisces woman are well matched. They are both romantic beings, especially the Pisces woman, and their sex life can be magical, filled with fantasy and tenderness.